40 Hadith Nawawi

Welcome to our Hadith Certificate Course: “40 Hadith Nawawi”

In this course, students will study the famous compilation known as مباني الإسلام وقواعد الأحكام by Imam Abu Zakariyyah Muhyi ad-Deen ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi (676 AH), which is more commonly known today as “40 Hadith Nawawi” or الأربعين النووية in Arabic.

The first 26 ahadith in the compilation were collected by the great scholar of Hadith Ibn Salaah. Imam an-Nawawi decided to add 16 additional Hadith to the collection which then became a grand total of 42. Although the entire collection consists of 42 ahadith, we say “40 Hadith Nawawi” as the title because the Arabs like to round down when counting.

This is a 2-part course. In Part 1 we will cover the first 21 Hadith in the compilation. We will analyze these ahadith and derive benefits from an Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Tarbawiyyah, Nahwu, Sarf, and Balaagha aspect. No prior knowledge of those subjects are required for this course.

These ahadith are essential for every single Muslim, especially for those who wish to become a student/disciple of knowledge – this is the first step. These ahadith, as seen in the title, contain the fundamental principles of the religion and the Sharee’ah. After memorizing, studying and understanding these Ahadith, you will be able to understand hundreds of issues in Aqeedah & Fiqh – with Allah’s permission.

*There is no pre-requisite for this course other than a sincere intention and diligence.

*Students will receive a certificate with the completion of this course & at least a 90% overall grade.

Course Duration:

15-20 classes

Course Timings:

Every Sunday @ 10AM *Makkah Timing*

This course begins on October 14th, 2018 and ends on January 20th, 2019.

*There are separate private Telegram groups for males and females to discuss course material with the instructor. There is also a private channel on Telegram where the playlist for the lectures will be posted.

Course Fee:

$35 USD

Payment can be made here:



Syllabus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19P9PA6R_K93oQ-vY9E7EQMmAxWxVoML69UhR_AcyD90/edit?usp=sharing


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